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the new face of evil

the day paul received his shiny new automoblox sedan, he tripped over it and hit the floor pretty hard. "you okay?" we asked him. he thought it over and deemed himself all right.

then he said, "look!" to my mother and handed her something, which she looked at in horror and handed to cam. that "something" turned out be a tiny roll of skin that the boy had ripped off the bottom of his foot. the tears and shrieks started shortly thereafter. "bleeding," sobbed paul. my mother whisked the toy car away.

we went to the bathroom, cleaned paul's foot with bactine and water, and bandaged it with a large bandaid actually meant for finger injuries (i get a lot of papercuts). my mother nervously peered over my shoulder during the process.

once he was all set, paul asked for his car. we offered him various cars until it became clear he wanted his automoblox sedan. i told my mother because she was the one who had taken it away. "you mean he wants the one that hurt him?" she asked disapprovingly. but she did go get it and he was happy once more.

jesu cristo. yes, mother, he wants that malicious toy that rose from the ground to beat him down. shocking, isn't it? we always love the ones who hurt us the most.



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