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the power of bribery

it all started yesterday when cam promised paul a gift for the very first time he used the potty.

paul: me use potty. gift. want gift now.

maybe "gift" wasn't the right word. we tried to say "prize" and "reward," but he wanted a gift.

this morning i was in the basement, folding laundry. cam and paul were playing pokemon snap. when i came up from the basement, i heard a loud slam.

i went into the hallway and saw that the bathroom door was closed. i called out, "what was that?" "the door," cam responded, sounding kind of frantic. (duh.) i cautiously opened the door just in time to see paul without pants, standing over the potty and peeing into it.

so now paul has his "gift," a shiny new blue automoblox sedan. congrats, baby!



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