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unfriendly competition

"pros vs. joes" is a bit of a trainwreck. i don't find anyone particularly likeable on that show. the pros spend too much time reassuring each other that even after all this time their shit still don't stink. the joes are such trash-talking bastards that it's disappointing one of them has to win. looking for the lesser of three evils to root for is hardly the most productive way to spend an hour. sometimes the events are just plain strange. the soccer+golf thing? weird. holding your breath underwater for the longest amount of time? creepy.

petros is just petros. he says things that baffle and amuse, astonish and confuse (cam had me listen to a snippet of petros talking about degrassi, which he says is a good show to watch if you're lonely like him. it's full of canadian kids doing stupid things and saying "aboot" and something else funny i can't remember. i think i actually snorted at that.). i read today on a message board that petros is "a very shady usc booster who has used his family's greek restaurant to lure (read: pay/use sex) recruits to fig tech. not good." huh? gotta love how apparently papadakis taverna -- which is really close to my house -- is actually a bordello. next time we go eat there i'll be sure to ask for the belly dancer for a little something something on the side. ye gods. i don't know the man from adam, but i don't exactly see this happening.

anyway, back to "pros vs. joes." it's on, i listen (sort of), i peek over the side of my laptop, i ask cam, "what happened? i wasn't paying attention." sometimes i sing songs in my head to block out the talking, the endless talking. but honestly, there are worse things to be watching.



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