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what can blue do for you?

we were playing with a balloon. we tossed it up in the air and paul screamed with joy, yelled, "me catch it!" sometimes he did catch it. sometimes he didn't. it popped and he looked surprised. "balloon popped." he didn't seem scared. in fact, he asked for another balloon. cam gave him one and i went to the kitchen. suddenly i heard a loud sound and the start of a heartwrenching wail. cam was carrying the saddest paul i had ever seen.

paul: [sobbing] balloon. balloon. popped. pop. [sobbing]

i don't think i've ever heard him so miserable. he hadn't slept all day, so he was already wound up. i thought cam had popped the balloon, but cam mouthed that paul had done it himself. i have no idea how. we passed the howling child back and forth for a bit, then i left them on the couch to watch tv while i got dinner together. after we ate, paul was clearly in a better frame of mind.

paul: balloon pop make me scared. watch blue make me happy.

the healing powers of blue's clues. i'm not looking forward to the day when it can't soothe his woes.



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