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when we're in the car and cam has to turn or there's a curve of some sort (like freeway transitions, onramps, whatever), paul will cry out, "help me! sideways!" i will then need to hold his hand -- yes, i still usually sit in the backseat when paul is with us -- until the car has straightened out and all is right with paul's world once again. i can tell he's okay when he lets go of my hand.

he's been doing this now for a few weeks. no idea what prompted this behavior, but i don't mind it -- he doesn't seem to be genuinely afraid of tipping or anything. it might even be a kind of game. in fact, if i call out, "help me! sideways!" he will kindly reach out his hand and hold mine.

whenever we go through this routine, i can see cam smiling. me, i try very hard not to smile because i don't want to interrupt the obvious (though possibly feigned) gravity of the situation. it may very well be that being sideways is nothing to joke about.



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