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battle of the bowls

i'm torn between paul's original potty and his new "toilet trainer." the new one is clearly an improvement over the other -- well, damn, you don't need to empty anything -- but the original "once upon a potty" seat is just so freaking cute, plus he doesn't need to be lifted onto it. but when he sits on the other one, he swings his legs and just seems so proud of himself. "big potty," he says, kicking his feet. either way, each time he uses one of them, he's a step closer to ditching the diapers. (or a step closer to peeing on the floor, but that goes without saying.)

right now i am trying to devise a way to store the two potty accoutrements. i've got a little bungee attaching the potty seat to a towel rack, but i really need to free up the rack for, um, towels. the toilet trainer, when not in use (i'd leave it on the toilet all the time if we didn't have to share that bathroom) just sits on top of the tank. not ideal. i've already spent too much time thinking about this, but i must find a solution. i've already remedied the bath toy storage issue (mesh laundry bag hanging from command hook in shower), so clearly i'm on a bathroom organizational kick.



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