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cam: who has the shortest hair, me or you?
me: [to paul] say, "i have the shortest hair."
paul: i have shortest long hair.
cam: do i have the longest short hair?

when i was a teenager, i remember having a strange conversation with friends about whether or not it was better to be the smartest pretty girl (not too smart) or the prettiest smart girl (not too pretty). sure, there were girls who did both equally well, but for the most part it was safe to say that the girls we knew leaned a whole lot heavier to one side or the other. pretty girls could be unexpectedly smart. smart girls could be surprisingly pretty. it's sort of funny now, looking back. it's so completely trivial and so typical of teenage girls. the teen years are just so tumultuous that in spite of one's best intentions toward accomplishment over beauty, those hormones just send you into chaos.

short long hair? long short hair? pretty smart girls? smart pretty girls? does it matter? i don't know. i suspect we may be debating these sorts of distinctions for years to come.



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