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i mentioned a few days ago -- almost in passing -- that paul broke my glasses. he wanted them, i wanted them... he wanted them more. snap! oh well, these glasses were about five years old, so i had been wanting to replace them for a while now. no time like the present.

since i only wear my glasses at home, i had put them back together with painter's tape, but they didn't really feel sturdy enough to wear for longer than a few minutes at a time. i knew that i'd need to bring them with me to the optometrist (could hardly wear my contacts to the appointment), but i didn't exactly fancy wearing them. cam suggested i replace the blue tape with black electrical tape. brilliant! my glasses being black plastic, my hair being long and reasonably black, the fix was discreet.

we had a quick breakfast at marie callender's on saturday morning (much to paul's dismay, they only serve "potatoes" and not hash browns), then went over to the optometrist, which i had picked based on the fact that it was the only one i could see locally that was listed both on the vsp and the oliver peoples' site.

i liked the optometrist. he was really nice, and, it seemed, really wanted to be liked. he reminded me, oddly enough, of a youngish fritz coleman.

after the exam, cam and paul came back (they had been carousing the mall) to help me pick glasses.

me: look at me, i'm alex cabot.
cam: except for the flesh tone, the eye color, the hair color...

we chose a pair that were a little bit more funky than my current buddy holly pair (probably more rivers cuomo than buddy holly). amusingly enough, it was the pair i had selected before cam and paul showed up. i really should trust my own judgment more. i tried on some prada, some chanel, some oliver peoples, but nothing really appealed me as much as this particular pair (kate spade).

paul was a handful. he was reaching for everything. he was loud and grabby and made a point to piss off an old guy by coughing loudly in his face without covering his mouth (which he has been doing lately, so you could see that he was deliberately omitting this gesture). i was so embarrassed at the time.

all things considered, it was a pretty good experience. i liked the place and they had a great selection of frames. think maybe i'll start going there regularly. i've been hopping from optometrist to optometrist for years (torrance, century city, downtown, beverly hills), so i'm looking forward to settling down.



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