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fishy fishy

last friday we planned to have breakfast, go to the aquarium (of the pacific) and then head over to paul's doctor's appointment at 3:45. after that, it would all depend on a boy's post-shot mood.

so we went to breakfast. it was fun, but stressful. now that paul knows about booster seats, i don't have a chance in hell of getting him into a high chair. booster seats are great only when a child has decided that he is willing to sit still until his parents are done eating. halfway through a meal it is positively guaranteed that paul will be wriggling his way free and demanding the right to wander freely, to steal the salt and pepper shakers from surrounding tables, to smile winningly at the waitstaff.

after breakfast, we went to the aquarium. jesu cristo, can i just say that we are entirely too dumb? how could we not realize that a local aquarium is an excellent idea for a field trip? if we had been elementary school age, we would have been there, too. as we drove up, we were shocked by the sight of hundreds of children eating their lunches on the lawn, school buses lined up like a vast goldenrod fence around the perimeter. we turned around and drove aimlessly until the idea of a park presented itself.

off we drove to the park, but then we ended up driving home because paul fell asleep. once we got home, of course, he woke up, angry and tearful about the missed play opportunity. cam tried to get him to sleep again, but he fell asleep instead. cam woke himself up, i put shoes on paul and we got in the car yet again.

the park was nice. empty. paul said hi repeatedly to a lady and her 13-month-old. "no shocks," he told me before every slide, but when every slide you've ever used is plastic, you are destined to a childhood of shocks. we held hands and slid down a slide together. by 2 pm-ish, something strange happened and the park suddenly filled with people. gah. i am too antisocial for words. we left.

the doctor's appointment was short and sweet. paul wasn't sleepy, grumpy or fussy (he was too busy putting his newly earned stickers on me), so we suddenly found ourselves driving towards the aquarium again. this time it was considerably less crowded, so we took a chance and went inside.

the aquarium of the pacific was excellent. the one time we had gone before, paul had fun, but he was too young to get excited. now... he's a great age. everything was "wow! look! see this! see that!" cam and i spent a lot of time glancing at each other over his head and giggling. we looked at everything there was to see and it was still light out. that aquarium was the perfect size for a short outing. we headed for home.

in the car, we asked paul if he had fun looking at fish. this started a litany of words i couldn't possibly reproduce here, but one thing he said stuck in my head. he had, he told us, "found nemo." his memory will amuse me for a long time. nemo. when was the last time he saw that movie? come here, my tiny wee'st fish. you are constantly surprising me.



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