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flowers and tears

feeling a little teary.

a friend of mine -- we're former coworkers, now long-distance mommy-friends -- is going through a separation (and will almost certainly be going through a divorce). knowing that mother's day celebrations for mothers of babies and toddlers are often (i said often. i didn't say always.) orchestrated by fathers, it struck me that she might not get the sort of treatment she deserved. sure, the soon-to-be-ex had called her to wish her a happy birthday, but would he call to wish a happy mother's day to the mother of his child? who knows? i sent her flowers. it wasn't much, but at least it was something. i couldn't be sure that he would remember, but i could be sure that i would.

she emailed me today:
I cried so hard when I got your flowers. My husband didn't even call me! So I was so depressed that day - and so right before we left for Grandma/Grandpa's -- my flowers arrived! I just sat and cried - and my son said "Mommy cry?" And I said, "Yes, tears of happiness for great friends!" Then my son said, "Happy Mommy's Day, Mommy" and then he kissed me and hugged me. My day was complete.

even the smallest gestures of kindness can have an astonishingly uplifting effect. i'm glad i thought of the flowers. happy mother's day, my dear.



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