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yesterday was not nearly as bad as i feared as it would be. in fact, it was actually rather nice.

we drove to moreno valley to visit my grandmother (she lives with my aunt). my mother was originally going to see her on sunday, but she moved her plans to saturday when i said we would go with her if only it wasn't mother's day because the traffic would be too much for paul on a such a long drive.

on the way there, we stopped to eat at a red robin near my aunt's house. i had a gardenburger. cam and my mom had cheeseburgers. paul had a SALAD without dressing. (of course, we all ate fries. a trip to red robin would not be complete without those yummy fries.) in addition to being the healthiest eater, i think he was also the best behaved.

because our visit wasn't on a planned family gathering kind of day, it was nice and quiet. paul ran around and charmed my family with his pretty hair and overweening cute. cam found a nice comfy spot and fell asleep. since i didn't have much sleep the night before, i was in a bad state. i tried really hard to focus, but i was pretty much just gazing at paul and dumbly parroting everything he had to say. once his grand idea struck him, though, i came out of my daze.

for a good 15-20 minutes or so, i had been trying to distract him from going up to where cam was sleeping. in desperation i pointed at the light fixture above our heads. my aunt has a big chandelier-thing having in her two-level foyer. either by standing off to the side on the ground floor or by standing on the stairs or at the balcony above, someone or someones had managed to throw some stuff into it. from below you could see that there were some green and orange things in there. when the light was turned on, something kind of big, white and sheer became visible. i told paul that it was possibly a parachute toy.

paul: up there parachute guy in the light.
me: yes, there might be a parachute guy up there.
paul: could be funny.
me: yes, paul, it could be funny.

"could be funny" echoed around that house for the next hour. one by one he dragged various relatives over to explain about the parachute guy. my uncle brought him upstairs to try to see into the chandelier. it looked like there was a paper airplane in there, but paul refused to believe it. "could be funny. parachute guy." he said, ignoring all suggestions to the contrary. eventually my uncle brought in a ladder. from up high he tossed down several large plastic jacks and a paper airplane. we tried to entertain paul with these things, but were only marginally successful. finally my aunt started throwing the jacks back into the chandelier (also with limited success -- the woman is a good 4"-5" shorter than me, you know) to amuse paul. then my cousin showed up and he proceeded to flirt with her for a while. "could be funny," he told her.

we left not too long afterwards. paul hasn't mentioned the parachute guy since, but i'm sure he's still thinking about it.



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