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mother's sunday

i've had a very productive day. it has been a good day, although it was marred by two things:

1) the end-of-a-day-spent-wholly-at-home-letdown, when i realized that i was still in the clothes i had slept in the night before, and 2) paul broke my glasses.

i received sweet gifts (a pretty necklace from cam, framed pictures (cam) and flowers (my mom) "from" paul) and the mother's day portion of my day was quite nice. i had actually requested a microwave for mother's day, but my family is an entirely too sentimental lot to agree to such a practical gift.

cam and i finally got around to attaching the drawing paper-roll to paul's little table (also good for eating upon -- instant placemat!). we had a metal rail that would have been perfect, but the rod was too long. cam and i had discussed the possibility of using a wooden dowel with the rail supports, but just didn't have the time to get to it. when cam and paul went to see cam's sister for a few hours, i happened to find a wooden dowel that would be the perfect size (by accident -- i certainly wasn't looking for one), so i attached the supports to the table (yay for my tiny drill -- pilot holes are brilliance itself) and hacked the dowel to length with a rusty old saw i found outside. i was having trouble attaching the rod to the supports, so cam fixed it when they came home.

five loads of laundry. clean-up here and there. toys put in their places. papers tossed. dishes put away.

this evening i cooked chicken noodle soup for paul. i don't mind cooking meat, but obviously i can't feed it to paul because i can't taste it to see if it's too hot. since eating with paul can be such a messy thing, i'm always happy to hand off feeding rights to cam. cam ordered us a pizza, so we had my mom watch for paul for half an hour so we could eat.

now we're watching mythbusters with paul. it's been a good day, indeed.



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