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my art

yesterday (or was it thursday?) i figured out what i wanted to do with the wall in my office that i was planning to wallpaper until i realized i didn't buy enough to allow for pattern-matching. i had already decided that i was going to frame pieces of the wallpaper in black frames to tie the two walls together visually, but it struck me as kind of a boring approach. then i came up with a variation on that idea -- frame the wallpaper in black frames, yes, but mat them, too -- with green mats. cam thought it was an interesting idea.

we went to home depot this afternoon. i found a decent green match, so we bought a quart. friday evening we bought two big frames at ikea. this evening i painted the mats. (i also painted a small wooden desk organizer we picked up at ikea (i had purchased one previously for paul and liked it so much i bought one for myself).) when the mats were dry, i framed the wallpaper. the effect is quite nice, i think, even though the mats bubbled in a few places (yeah, paper doesn't necessarily like wet paint).

i think we'll be putting up my "art" next weekend. i'm looking forward to the pieces of my office finally coming together.



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