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not so wide

i placed an order from zappos on friday. yesterday i received my order -- one pair of yoga-type slipons and two pairs of boots. tomorrow i will be sending back the slipons and one pair of boots.

it's true -- i finally found one pair of boots that fit my oddly shaped legs!

i'm not entirely enamored of these, but they fit and that is good enough for me. the other pair of boots were marked "wide calf" and i swam in them. they looked like waders. not the best look for me. i already have stumpy legs and these made me look shorter and stumpier.

cam: i told you you didn't have wide calves!
me: sure, tell that to 90% of boot manufacturers...

so back they go.

the slipons were so cute, but they curved up too much in the back and caused me quite a bit of pain in the three minutes i wore them. i think i'm going to have to go to the nike site and see if i can find something similar to the two pairs of prestos i wore out a few years ago. those were the greatest shoes ever. lightweight, comfortable, formfitting. (only problem was that they were quite stinky.) i had two pairs, cam had two pairs -- i even bought my mom two pairs. by the time we wore them out, we couldn't find them anymore. i saw them briefly on the nike site last summer, but i missed the boat -- didn't realize it was a limited time thing. oh well.

i can't believe my boot hunt is over. woohoo!



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