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i love eileen fisher. i can buy her clothes sight unseen because the fit is so easy, so free. for truly casual stuff, i can just go to target. (i live in these slumpy gauchos i bought from there a few months back.)

i have determined that the lv epi line is my handbag line of choice. i have no need to look at other purses because i know exactly what i'm getting from lv.

now i need to find a shoe line that will fit consistently and without pain. i have wasted too many pairs of shoes in my lifetime because i didn't appreciate that the feet needed to be treated kindly. once i find my desired line, then i don't need to look at shoes anymore, either. i'm interested in taryn rose, but i haven't yet purchased a pair of those yet.

it's all about boiling things down to the essentials. sure, these may be costly essentials, but they will save me much time and sanity. i've admitted to myself -- and to cam -- that what once was fun is now stressful. i hate shopping in person. i'd rather online shop and pay return fees when necessary. and once i settle on my brands, i won't need to waste hours on browsing ever again. (check back with me in a year or two to see how (un)successful i've been.)



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