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yesterday cam and i went to my office to put up the wallpaper. because i know nothing about wallpaper, it looks like i won't have enough for two walls. because it's really hard putting up wallpaper with tape, it's a good thing i don't have enough wallpaper for the second wall.

we managed to get four strips (drops?) up before calling it a day, which means we just have one strip and change left. those will be the hard ones because we need to cut in around the shelving. it's going to be a little bit tricky and it will definitely take some time. we didn't finish up that one wall because we had to pick up paul. cam's sister was watching him by herself, and i felt kind of bad. it's a nice sister that will give up almost a whole saturday to watch a toddler.

the original plan was that we would return to the office today, leaving paul with my mom. but the morning came and i just didn't want to leave paul behind. i knew we couldn't take him with us, so we opted to wait until next weekend to finish the wallpaper. it's kind of a shame because i'll have to stare at an incomplete wall all next week, but it's so obviously worth the trade-off of a day with my son.



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