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playing favorites

paul and my mom have a strange relationship. when it's just the two of them, he loves her to death. (he also manipulates her like she has never been manipulated before. how can even the angriest of grandmothers resist a knee-high hug and "i wub you, gramma"? the way he plays her is truly masterful.) he's sweet and funny and loving.

when we get home from work, it's all "go 'way, gramma." if he's with us and she shows up, he screams "no!" at her and she has to physically back away and tell him that she's not going to take him from us. i had thought he'd outgrow this by now, but he hasn't yet. (i don't think it's gotten worse, though.) at first it was pretty funny, but this has been going on for months now and it's really not quite so funny anymore. it's so weird, though, because he's only like this with her. with his other grandparents, well, when we show up, he usually cries at the idea of leaving them (and their amazing selection of 30-year-old toys) behind.

we always tell him that it's not nice to treat grandma like that, but he ignores us. my mother shrugs about it. "i'm just happy that he likes to be with you," she says. (good lord, how awful a parent would i have to be in order for my son to NOT like being with me?) i wish i could make him see that this behavior does hurt her feelings, but i'm not sure how exactly i could do that.



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