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the sleep of the unjust

yesterday evening cam and i couldn't stay awake. cam asked my mom if she wouldn't mind watching paul for a half hour or so while we took a quick nap. it was already about seven, so we figured maybe we'd sleep until 7:30 and then go out to target or something. she agreed and we promptly passed out.

cam: oh crap! it's already ten!
me: wha? ten?
me: [thinking] why do i need to wake up?
me: [thinking] who am i?
me: [thinking] don't i have a kid?
me: crap!

i jumped out of bed and found my mom and paul in the kitchen, just across the hall from the bedroom. my mom laughed and said she thought paul was ready for bed. i thanked her and indeed, once tucked in paul was asleep in minutes. you'd think i'd get up at that point, but no. cam could no longer sleep, but i could and did.

at about a quarter past three paul woke up, sobbing about his diaper. sure enough, the diaper, his clothes, the sheet, the mattress cover, the comforter and the duvet cover were all wet. dammit. so i put a waterproof pad on his bed, changed his clothes and he went back to sleep. me, i was filled with an irrational sense of duty and so i put my shoes on, grabbed some of the wet stuff and left the bedroom.

in the basement, i was extremely irritated to discover that i had forgotten to turn on washing machine earlier in the day. in some nonsensical 3:30 am-ish kind of way, i felt like karma was at work, but how could karma be blamed for my sleepiness, a boy's bladder and my laundry error? gah. maybe i should just go back to sleep. maybe everything will look better in the morning.



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