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tivo no

was it just us, or did something really weird happen to our tv yesterday (and maybe the day before)?

last night i checked our recorded programs and saw eight episodes of l&o:svu. no description other than the standard "a special unit in new york investigates heinous crimes." i started going through the shows and four of them were identical. the other four were two pairs of the same episodes. i should have checked the dates and times before i deleted them, but i was so befuddled i didn't even think about it. l&o:ci was the same way. then i looked over at our blue's clues recordings and oddly enough, the two most recent ones were mislabeled. the most recent zoboomafoo recordings suddenly had titles and descriptions (hallelujah).

today the l&o shows still don't have descriptions, but at least they aren't dupe-recording again. i can accept that something might be going on with the usa network, but why were noggin and pbs kids affected, too?



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