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on saturday, my mom and i went to babies'r'us in search of a new diaper genie-esque thing -- i broke one of the cutter-things on ours -- and a new potty chair-type thing to fit over the toilet. (we were also killing time waiting for cam and the cr-v to get towed to the honda service place across the street from babies'r'us.) the diaper pail display was uninspiring and i didn't feel like shoving registering pregnant women out of the way, so we only gave the aisle a cursory glance. over in the potty section, the best thing i could find was the baby bjorn "toilet trainer." it was cute and not too obtrusive, so we put one in our cart. (i had originally wanted one with the stepstool and handles built in, but i didn't want to order one from a catalog. i wanted to see it in person first.) then we headed over to the shoes because my mom wanted me to find a pair of sandal/slippers for paul.

when cam came to meet us, i had one thing to show him: a pair of black converse hi-tops in a size 8. oh my god. so adorable. cam was delighted ("chucks!"), so we bought them even though paul is not shoeless by any stretch of the imagination.

they look so cute on paul, i think we'll be buying additional pairs for ourselves. we'll look dorky, sure, but at least you'll know we're family.

*paul likes to go to what he calls "toys-us." i have never asked him if he's interested in a trip to "babies-us." somehow i think he'd be less than enthralled. not enough toys and definitely no thomas.



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