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paul plays rough. he is hard on his toys. he is hard on his clothes. he is hard on us.

just the other day paul broke a wheel on one of his toys. he threw the car at a flat cardboard box on the floor which contains the side panels for our kitchen cabinets (i admit it -- two years after we started our kitchen, the side panels are still in the book nook*). he threw that car so hard, it gouged the box, then jumped up again and smacked into the glass door on the bookcase right next to it.

when i tried to find a place to buy replacement wheels, i came across the car company's site, where they touted the wheels as being almost bullet-proof. hm. i contacted the company about purchasing replacements and the person who responded to my email told me that i only needed to provide them with my address and some information particular to our car in order for them to send me some wheels. yay! i emailed them the info two days ago. fingers crossed. the car is, amusingly enough, doing well on three wheels, but a fourth would be ideal, you know.

why am i not surprised that my boy managed to break the unbreakable? looking back, the only thing that i'm surprised about is the fact that the glass on the bookcase didn't crack.

*the book nook has been renamed the "library" because it's easier for paul to understand. "my library has books," he says.



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