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a new environment

at about nine am this morning cam and paul met me in the lobby of my office. i introduced them to some of my coworkers, including my new assistant. then the three of us plus a friend/coworker headed out the door and down the library stairs to the backup daycare center for their open house. paul was really comfortable with my friend and wanted her to carry him. she was startled by how much he had grown since she had seen him last (and was slightly afraid to think that her teeny-tiny 4-month-old daughter would one day in the reasonably close future be as heavy as my big boy).

the center was larger than i expected and was bright and colorful. there was even a climbing structure inside the area for school-age children. we took a little tour, asked a few questions. paul was interested in the large fish tank and wanted so very badly to run around and have a good look, but settled for shouting out his new favorite question -- "what time is it?!" -- at every opportunity.

after our visit, we went back to the office so i could get cam's parking ticket validated. then we parted ways in the elevator. "bye, mommy," said paul.

this backup daycare center appears organized and safe. they have lots of rules and regulations and a ton of paperwork, but i appreciate the strictures and structures put in place to protect everyone. i think i feel confident enough to send paul there for my firm-allotted 20 days.



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