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aches and pains

yesterday i went home early with a migraine. to give you an idea of how bad it was -- i didn't check my email between the hours of 1:45 pm and 6:50 am. unreal. i had cam set up (and take down) my out-of-office message. i never even recorded a vm version.

i awoke from a nap to the sounds of struggle. i went to paul's room to discover that he had a splinter in his finger and was fighting to keep cam from touching it. between the two of us, we were able to remove the splinter before he even realized it was gone. the fuss stopped instantly. (this brought to mind paul's tantrum the day before when cam wanted to bandage his knee. once it was over, paul admitted to cam that it was now, in fact, better. "thank you, daddy," he said, "for cleaning my leg.")

cam then brought paul over to his parents so we could have a peaceful meal.

when cam returned with paul, he brought with him the bad news that paul had an allergic reaction to some cow's milk that he had accidentally drank -- apparently it was in a cup that looked like his. he drank it, he got scared, he threw up. cam's dad drove them home. my poor boy was drooly and sad and swollen. he ate ice and clung to me until he felt a little better. the visible effects of the reaction had faded by the time he went to bed, but he was so worn out that he slept without incident all night long.

my head is better today, and i haven't heard anything from my mom, so paul is most likely symptom-free. what a yucky yesterday we had. glad that day is over.



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