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i have been trying very hard to break myself of the habit of saying "oh my god." not because i have any personal issues with the exclamation -- but paul has picked it up and you know, cam and i would kind of like to discourage that.

paul: oh my god!
cam: oh my gosh.
paul. no, please. god.
cam: oh my garsh! you could say it with a funny voice.
paul: no, please.
cam: oh my garsh!
paul: no, please! god. oh my god.
cam: ...but you'd get to use a funny voice.
paul: no.

some parents protest oswald's "ohmygosh" because they think it's too close to "oh my god" and damn you, don't you dare use my deity-of-choice's name in vain. alrighty then. wonder what they would think of us.



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