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i didn't go to sleep when cam and paul left for the movies.

instead i picked up toys, watched "the thorn birds" (couldn't tear myself away), started some laundry. when i had exhausted the interior possibilities of my home, i changed out of my nightclothes into capris and a t-shirt. i was just about to head outside when it dawned on me that a farmer tan was not supposed to be in my future -- so i went back to the bedroom and put on a tank top.

once outside, i took the canopy off the swing and set it aside. i scrubbed the swing and the swing canopy with a mild soapy solution and a soft sponge. i moved furniture and trash.

later in the day, i went back outside to clean the backyard a bit more with my mother's help. (poor exhausted cam was taking a nap.) paul amused himself by holding up various objects -- a sponge, a plastic pitcher, a twig, a galvanized tin up -- and announcing he was going to chase me with it. "mommy, run! chase mommy with [insert object here]!" he also pretended that i was a car that required frequent gas refills.

after cam woke up, he also helped us clean. paul brandished a wrench. "yeah!" cam was sheepish. "he's so cute i can't bring myself to take it away from him."

when we deemed ourselves done for the day, i looked into the mirror -- and was horrified to note that my nose and shoulders were bright red. my hearty tropical stock wouldn't let me stay red for long, though, so today i am a better shade of brown. i usually wear spf 55 on at least my face, but -- oops -- i forgot to apply any that morning. oh well. maybe i would have been better off wearing that t-shirt.



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