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some sort of garden cutting object fell on my mom's foot the other day. it bled for a long time, but she was able to get it under control. paul was initially horrified -- "what's happening, gramma?" -- but later decided it was all good entertainment:

paul: thank you, thank you.
my mom: for what?
paul: for cutting your foot.

my mom called me at work a few hours after she had gotten it to clot. "we had an accident," she started -- which totally freaked me out -- but she quickly explained what happened. guess she figured my toddler mom heart couldn't take the suspense? when i got home, i washed and bandaged her foot properly (the poor thing was using three dora the explorer bandaids and a pair of socks to hold them on) and she seemed fine. today she was even better. i worry about her feet a lot because of the possibility of diabetic neuropathy, so i'm really glad she's okay.



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