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just the two of us

tonight cam went out to dinner to celebrate a coworker's birthday, so paul and i were on our own.

we ate dinner in the kitchen -- paul sitting on the counter, me standing (on the floor). we ate leftovers without ceremony, and, in some cases, icy cold straight out of the fridge. while we munched, we talked about what we could do next.

me: we could watch a movie.
paul: no.
me: we could play trains.
paul: no.
me: we could build blocks.
paul: no.
me: we could watch zaboomboofoo.
paul: no.
me: wiggles?
paul: no.
me: blue?
paul: no.
me: how about thomas?
paul: no.
me: what do you want to do?
paul: let's watch a movie together.
paul: blue movie!*
me: what a good idea.
paul: good idea!

after dinner, we set up the movie in the living room. paul insisted that we turn the lights out just "like movie theater." we only got through about the first 20 minutes. i meant to pause the movie, thinking we'd go back to it, but paul managed to eject the dvd and turn off the xbox before i could even find the remote.

paul very kindly made two cups of coffee for me, then threw a five-second tantrum when i couldn't figure out what was up with the nintendo 64. luckily, 26 episodes of the wiggles were on hand to calm him down. we probably went through 3-4 of them, trying to find a select handful of songs. once he had his fill, he got off the couch and went to the room he recently dubbed the "train library" in search of building materials. (there are trains and there are books. he is nothing if not accurate.)

we played with legos (duplos, of course, since the kid is only 2-and-a-half) until bedtime. one once upon a potty, two "rockabye baby"s, three "abc"s, four "zyx"s, and five "twinkle twinkle little star"s later, he was asleep. hands -- palms together -- tucked under his cheek, he breathed noisily as he slept.

we had a nice night. not that i wish cam would go out without us more often, but... i wouldn't mind.

*blue's big musical movie. duh.



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