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light syrup

paul decided he wanted a can of fruit cocktail.

so... i gave the can to cam, who proceeded to just pour all of the contents into a bowl just barely big enough to contain it. then he gave the bowl and a spoon to paul.

three things clearly not-quite-simpatico here:

1) a regular cereal bowl isn't big enough for an entire can of fruit cocktail.
2) fruit cocktail is a handful of fruit in an ocean of sugary sweet light syrup.
2) paul will rarely use a spoon when given the choice.

syrup everywhere. dripping off his chin, down his arms, covering the placemat, splotches on the floor. wet pants. wet shirt. wet legs. the stickiest boy i ever saw. "look, a big grape!" paul crowed, reaching into the bowl and holding up the grape for us to admire. cam looked sheepish. then paul started to splash the syrupy mess with both hands.

i sent them away while i cleaned up.



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