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puppy love

paul has a stuffed dog. it was an impulse buy from ikea. someone had abandoned it by the registers. paul reached for it from the cart and then hugged it. how could we resist?

months passed and the poor puppy was neglected in favor of toys with wheels.

today the puppy was in the living room when we returned home from work. i made it cry, rubbing paws over eyes (anthropomorphism, anyone?). paul was intrigued.

paul: more crying.
me: [making sad noises]
paul: hug. [hugging puppy]
paul: more. climbing mommy and paul.
me: [making puppy walk all over us]
me: look. he's happy. [waving tail]
paul: [waving] hi.
paul: sit next to doggy and mommy.
paul: [climbs up on sofa next to puppy]
paul: hug me, dog. hug me.
me: [puts puppy on paul] hug.
paul: him love me.



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