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on sunday i got the idea that a porch swing-type thing needed to be moved from one spot in the backyard to another spot about 6-7 feet away. i mentioned it to cam and he agreed that we would move it when he and paul returned from the car wash.

of course, while i won't touch cabling or any electronic stuff (why should i when i have a built-in IT guy?), when there is furniture to be assembled, disassembled, moved, whatever, i'm your girl. brute strength, that's me. you should talk to cam about the incident of the big blue thing.

i moved it on my own, then did some other random cleaning about the backyard. cam came home and was all wtf? what can i say? i hate waiting.

i have since scrubbed a great deal of the swing, enough to make it sitable. i probably shouldn't have scrubbed so hard, though, because the wood looks a little stressed. i'll need to do a gentler job when i finish it up. then i plan to coat it somehow, maybe a light stain, and make a new canopy for it. i expect to spend a lot of time outside this summer, so it would be nice to have a pretty place to sit.



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