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my old assistant has been gone a week and i am feeling a little more settled.

when cam picked me up from work on friday, i told him i felt like i had just been through a breakup. an amiable one, sure, but still a breakup.

later that weekend, i mentioned that i had given him a personality test and had discovered -- i guess to no one's surprise -- that we were pretty much opposites.

cam: well then. it's a good thing you broke up.
me: cam!!
cam: [laughing]

on monday i learned some interesting work gossip and my first inclination was to email my old assistant, but i restrained myself. cam laughed once more.

it's funny now we get attached to people at work. when i first started working here, i took departures very hard. someone would mention they were leaving, i'd run off to a local card shop. eventually i bought a box of cards and kept them in my desk just for the occasion of a farewell wave. when people would leave the firm without saying anything, i got depressed. but now, i've learned to shrug it off. there was no slight intended, i understand. it's the business of life. there's no way to say goodbye to everyone. leaving is exciting. it's hard to remember all that one might want to remember... it's hard enough to remember what one needs to remember.

one day i expect he will find this blog and he will be horrified to discover that i was, for lack of a better word, grieving for him. but then again, maybe he'll be flattered.



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