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stretched thin

i think it's a combination of pms, work stress, home-improvement stress and family stress -- i've been a basket case for over a week now. i am sad, freaked out, angry. i get tied up over little things much more easily than usual.

just yesterday i was trying to tell cam a story in the car on the way home. he interrupted, innocently guessing at the reason why i was telling him the story. for some reason, i just got really upset. i told him not to talk to me because i was so angry i was about to cry. my insides were tangled.

cam is on edge, too. we just got into a not-quite-argument that we managed to sigh off.

paul has been quite good -- he has slept without calls for diaper changes and milk for the last two and a half nights. but he has also been his share of trouble, too. no parent of a toddler ever lives a completely stress-free life.

we need a vacation.



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