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the idea of a new project always sets me aflutter. it's terrible. i rarely finish anything -- sometimes i don't even get started -- before a new idea takes over my attention. i probably have at least 142 projects going on at any given time, all in varying stages of development. yeah, i suck. i have the attention span of a flea.

right now i'm obsessing over the backyard. i wasn't even thinking about the backyard until this past weekend because it was so hot and we ended up playing in a tiny inflatable pool. it became clear to me that paul needed an outdoor place to play and i was tired of feeling guilty that he had to go to cam's parents' house in order to do so in a private environment. we don't really want to spend a lot of money on this because we eventually want to rehaul the backyard in a big way... one of these years... or move...

cam and i have discussed possible plans and i think we are pretty much set. i won't detail them here because there will be much derision over what we consider cost-efficient and diy, but maybe, just maybe, when we're done i'll take pictures.



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