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the decorators

we went to my office today to put up my pictures. cam discovered, much to his amusement/irritation/embarrassment, that he had failed to bring enough nails, so we weren't able to finish the job. it was fine, though, because it took at least an hour longer than expected to get done what actually got done. we had originally planned to get there early in the morning so we could take advantage of the cooler temps and take paul for a walk downtown to see the multitudes of fountains, but, well, bad moods kept us from keeping up with our plans.

paul had a good time at my office, i think, but he did skin his poor wee knee on the industrial carpet. i swear, the baby has inherited not only my nut allergy but my low foot clearance. he refused a bandage, though, telling us instead to "leave it hurting." (stoic.) he ate fries, drank coke (and my coke icee), drew on my big whiteboard, used paint on my computer to draw a pink sailboat, punched holes in paper, threw pens off my chair, waved around a letter opener, told stories about parachutes, etc. etc. etc.

we then just went on home because it was already almost four and we needed some backyard play time. cam got three photos and the two big framed wallpaper pieces up, so i'm happy with what cam accomplished. i'm not sure that he feels the same.



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