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top of the tots

paul's fondness for the wiggles has been thoroughly revitalized, i think. we watch a lot of wiggles on playhouse disney, and we most definitely listen to a lot of wiggles in the car (which is fine with me because i do think that greg page has an absolutely lovely voice).

paul: want where's jeff.
cam: where's paul?
paul: no. jeff.
paul: where's jeff
paul: sleeping outside
paul: where's jeff
paul: sleeping outside
me: yay!

it gets pretty tiresome listening to the same tunes over and over (and sometimes it's the same one over and over again), but cam is pretty good at distracting/directing paul to different songs.

paul: taaaasting
me: taaasting
paul: [whispering] one two three
me: [whispering] one two three

the wiggles may have made paul happy when he was a baby, but i think as a full-fledged toddler he gets a lot more out of them now.

paul: dough dough dough dough-dough-dough
me: you want to hear the song about bread?
paul: dough-dough-dough...



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