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i saw this post about a week or so ago and squee'd in delight. (fabulous blog, by the way. so cute.) i now own the green tissue box cover pictured there.

i've been on the hunt for a tissue box cover for my office for ages. since i had recently redecorated my office -- well, new office -- i was particularly sensitive to the way the wishywashy kleenex florals clashed with my palm tree walls. i didn't exactly want to have to look for stylish tissue boxes, so a cover seemed like the answer to my problems. unfortunately, the majority of tissue box covers out there are extremely bathroom-looking. this is understandable, though, because the majority of tissue box covers are parts of bathroom accessory sets (buy this cover, get a matching tumbler, wastebasket and toothbrush caddy). sure, i know that there are some really adorable ones at a local japanese shop, but they have stuffed animals attached to them. not exactly the image i wish to portray professionally at this point in time.

after extended periods of fruitless searching, i stumbled across lotta jansdotter and fell in love. (i had seen her stuff before and thought it charming, but didn't realize she had tissue box covers.) i don't think i can buy this size tissue box at costco, but who cares? it's cute, it's stylish, and best of all, it doesn't look like it belongs in the loo. what's not to like?



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