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useful things, trees

the other day paul was watching blue's clues. (what a shock!) steve was helping the felt friends figure out where various fruits and vegetables grew. there was a catchy little song that went something along the lines of:

oranges grow on trees, on trees
oranges grow on trees
potatoes grow down in the ground
grow down in the ground

you get the picture. anyway, cam started singing the song to paul:

babies grow on trees, on trees
babies grow on trees!

paul turned it into this:

babies grow on trees... trees!

and then, frighteningly enough:

babies grow on mommy, on mommy!

cam: um, that's right.
me: [thinking] more or less.

yesterday i told paul to sing his song for his grandma. instead he sang:


which elicited a big "what is that?" from my mother.

when i tried to sing it to him, he was less than enthusiastic.

me: babies grow on trees, on trees...
paul: no, please.
paul: oranges.

i guess the joke has run its course.



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