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it's a long weekend and i am already beat.

friday kicked my ass. work started out really slow, but then the afternoon just exploded. it wasn't like that for everybody else, though, aside from my assistant. in fact, we had two people out and two left early. poor damon and i were stalwart workhorses... until 4:30 when he left. from 4:30 to 5, i just cleaned up. my boss came to my office to say goodbye (he left for china last night. three weeks.) and was very amused to discover that we were the only ones left.

i've been looking forward to this long weekend, but now that it's here i don't feel as happy as i thought i would. maybe it's the lack of sleep, maybe it's paul's heat rash (my poor bumpy baby), maybe it's the prospect of working outdoors in the blistering sun. i'm hoping my spirits pick up soon. (maybe with the help of coffee?) this is not the best way to start off this endeavor.



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