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bunkie board

on saturday afternoon we went bed-shopping. paul wanted to go to ikea -- "ikea has fancy beds with shelfs," he insisted -- but cam and i were adamant about buying a bed from somewhere else.

(paul really really really wanted to go to ikea. once i said no, he went to his father and tried the same shtick. good lord.)

out we went into the heat. we saw lots and lots of bunk beds for kids, some i liked, most i didn't. in my head i had this idea that i wanted a navy blue bunk bed (courtesy of that foul, foul temptress pottery barn kids), but once i was actually confronted with the idea of buying one i very quietly freaked out.

buying a navy blue bunk bed hurts on two levels:
1) it would match nothing in the room, which would necessitate a complete redecoration of said room (or a complete re-evaluation of the word "match")
2) if child #2 is a girl, she might possibly feel left out ("i knew you always wanted another boy instead of me!")

so as much as i loved the navy blue bed, well, i felt like we were creeping on some very dangerous territory there. paul's original bed was a blond wood with a clearcoat, which i felt was much less potentially masculine than navy. there are other blue pieces of furniture in the room, but they are much brighter shades of it. cam said we could paint one bunk pink if necessary. i hope he saw my "girl, please" expression.

the navy one we liked also came in "natural," but for some reason i just didn't like it. it was too yellow, too uncooked pasta.

at the third store i sort of folded. it was 90+ degrees and i was tired. after the second store i was practically in tears after cam rather snidely apologized for being fat (and thus breaking paul's bed). by the third store i was pretty much begging to just buy the damn navy bed in natural. as we were walking out, we noticed a rather nice bed with a distressed red finish. if we could get it in blue without the distressing, i said to cam, i could go for this one (in spite of the painful pricetag). cam spoke to a saleslady lounging nearby -- this was a bed store, after all -- and soon learned that these beds were custom and we could have it any way we wanted it.

let me just say right now that i did not like this saleswoman. she talked to cam like i wasn't there. she mentioned i was short. um... and you're ugly. (oops, did i say that out loud?)

she was informative, though, so we walked out of that store actually considering this bed. who knows what will happen, though. part of me objects strenuously to paying as much as they wanted, but i suspect that i've just been ikea-brainwashed when it comes to furniture prices because i went through the same thing with my leather sofa (which i love).



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