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change of plans

i've been feeling ambivalent about paul's new bed. i gave the okay for the custom bunk bed, but i don't really like it. it's too big, it's too tall, it's too expensive for something i don't really feel good about.

while checking out various furniture sites on saturday night, i came across a bed that i just loved -- a low loft with a matching platform on casters. it appealed to my love of modern design, but it looked like it could actually fit in the room. cam was just as intrigued by it. (i won't link it here because i don't really want to show the world what we are willing to pay for children's furniture.) so we made plans to go out to costa mesa to look at it in person.

funny story: when we got there, i asked paul if he needed me to change his diaper. "no, it's dry," he said. i shrugged. his diaper didn't feel too full. once we got into the store and went up a flight of stairs, he stood with his legs spread and announced, "me peeing!" at that point the diaper overflowed and we had to go back outside to change his diaper and his clothes. he enjoyed being naked in the parking lot.

the bed was beautiful, but cam soon learned from a saleslady that it didn't quite work the way we thought it should. my bad, i should have checked the dimensions. we had thought that the platform would fit completely under the loft like a trundle, but they were exactly the same length. bummer.

i don't know what we're going to do. poor paul keeps asking, "you buy my bed? you buy new bed for me?" argh. too many things going wrong. why does the simple act of buying a bed have to be such a pain in the ass?



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