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paul has been utterly hilarious in the potty-training world these days.

he has to be forcibly put into his little underpants (and it seems like i am the only one allowed to do this) -- all the while shrieking, "no underpants, only diapers!" but once they're on, he's fairly proud of himself.

he's usually pretty good about warning me when he has to go to the bathroom, but he panics and backs away if it looks like i'm going to pick him up and sprint to the toilet.

paul: no, mommy.
paul: no running!
paul: only walking!

once i reassure him that i will not run, only then will he consent to holding my hand and walking to the bathroom (or he'll request that i carry him). once we get there, if it's dark, he'll insist that i only turn on the vanity light over the sink and not the main light. then i can help him either take off his underpants (or his diaper, if he happens to be wearing one at that moment) and help him get up on the toilet.

seated, he has a whole bunch of other rules for me.

paul: stand back, mommy!
paul: don't look at me!
paul: stand over there!
paul: don't say "great job!"

when he's done, i have to pretty much swoop in and grab him before he runs out the door, bareassed. (because he will, you know.)

we haven't been really pushing potty-training on him, preferring instead to let him direct the pace. i've noticed that that he's gotten a lot more interested in recent weeks. i think moving to underpants was a good move. he hates pullups with a passion, so we haven't used those since he was much younger. (he would scream, "no! no! hurts!" and kick.) recently we saw a commercial for pullups with some sort of cooling pad in the front for potty-training purposes. those look interesting, but cam wasn't exactly sanguine about the idea of a "chemical reaction" to teach a kid to use the toilet... plus what if paul really liked that cool sensation? he'd be peeing on everything to see if he'd get the same effect.

he's not so keen on the pooping into the potty, but he's done it once now (twice if my mom is to be believed) and cam has really heaped on the praise to try to encourage him to do it again.

the other night paul woke me up at 3:30 am because he wanted to use the toilet. i was grumpy about it, but in retrospect i'm quite impressed. good on you, kid.



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