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tuesday at 5-something am, cam woke me with the news that he was going to the hospital. his foot hurt like hell, he said, so he was taking it and everything it was attached to over to the emergency room at our local kaiser. sleepily, i said okay and puzzled for a moment -- at his request -- about where his wallet might be. i got up and watched him hobble backwards down the stairs, the pain too intense for him to walk normally.

turns out he sprained it. spontaneously. he hadn't done anything overly strenuous, he hadn't dropped a bowling ball on his foot. it just suddenly started hurting the night before. the next morning, bam! he could barely walk and that was it.

i have been adamant that he not do anything to hinder the healing of that foot. he argued, but i laid the law down -- two weeks of limited activity. no heavy lifting, no yard work. since his sciatica is acting up, i figure that he needs a rest, anyhow.



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