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cam, for all his slobbiness, is a bit of a germaphobe. (or is it "germophobe"?) there's something about a bathroom (public or private) that brings out his inner biohazard suit. i don't have a problem with his finicky side re public bathrooms because i share some of these same habits (such as the paper towel to hold door handle on the way out), but our bathroom at home is a sty. i admit it. for instance, i don't change the hand-drying towel as often as i should. i have white ones, but i recently sneakily switched to colored ones because they didn't look as dingy as quickly as the white towels did.

(paul has no such scruples about sanitation. even at the age of almost-three, all he wants to do is lick the grocery cart.)

a while back he mentioned that what he really wanted was a commercial paper towel holder like in public bathrooms. i was enthusiastic. sure, less towels to wash! in our girlyish green and white bathroom the stainless steel would look out of place, but so what? unfortunately, we, as usual, lost steam and forgot about it. every so often (during costco trips -- in the commercial paper towel aisle, of course) the subject would come up again, but it would just as quickly go back down.

looking through one of those cheap home solutions/improvement catalogs, i found a paper towel holder disguised as a shelf. it was pretty cute and it fired up the interest yet again. upon further review, however, we could see that pvc masquerading as wood looks like pvc masquerading as wood. um... no. since i was thinking about it, i did a quick internet search to see if anything else was available. that, my friends, is how i found this. i don't mind this one because it's plastic acting like plastic. it is not plastic acting like wood. it is not plastic acting like stainless steel. it is what it is and i appreciate its honesty.

although it does seem like a bit of a waste (all that extra trash!), i understand that this is cam's thing, so it's no big deal to accommodate him. at least... it's no big deal as long as paul can't reach it.



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