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london, france

this weekend i got brave.

one afternoon, instead of putting paul into a fresh diaper, i put him into a pair of teeny-tiny thomas the tank engine briefs.

paul: no! no underwear! just diapers!

he was initially horrified, but once he got a look at himself in the mirror, he was delighted. grinning fiendishly, he'd pull his shirt down over his knees, then yank the shirt up quickly to flash whoever might be nearby. sometimes he'd flash himself.

unfortunately, it took a few pairs for him to understand that "oops, i better tell mommy when i have to go potty." the next day we started from scratch -- three pairs to get through the afternoon. we cleaned a lot of floors. thank goodness we have wood floors. if we had carpet, this would soon be a very stinky house.

we are optimistic, though. he will eventually get the hang of it. to give him more practice, we went to target and bought up every package of thomas underpants they had (plus a package of elmo undies for variety). three pairs will go to cam's parents' house. i meant to show them to my mother for today, but i forgot. oh well. we'll try it out tomorrow.



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