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a longtime friend came to visit (bearing gifts of lovely irises instead of the toy her mother had suggested) on sunday afternoon. we had a really nice chat. paul was in the middle of a nap, so we actually had a conversation that did not necessarily revolve around a boy.

in fact, i actually think i squeezed some 50-cent words in there.

once paul awoke, he stole the show. on his best behavior, he charmed. my friend, i think, got a slightly incorrect view of my little monkey. not that paul isn't a well-behaved young man -- he's just not always as well-behaved as he was during her visit. she smiled at him a lot. encouraged and emboldened, he flirted.

one day he will break a heart or two or five. until then, he will talk earnestly to the ladies and make them think that a two-year-old boy with a smile like that couldn't possibly be a little confidence man in short pants.



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