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mixed reviews

paul really likes his new bed and seems to enjoy his room more, but already there are problems we had not yet considered:

1) he doesn't want an alarm clock -- he wants a cd player.

2) he can get in and out of bed. TOO EASILY.

3) he considers the upholstered rocking chair to be a better place to sleep than the bed because the wiggles' jeff is often seen sleeping in a chair (never mind the fact that he also wants me to sing "where's jeff" while he mugs and poses).

4) his bedroom, from the very beginning of his life, has rarely meant sleep. why start now?

i suspect it will be an uphill struggle, but the bed has only been in place since sunday night, so who knows? i wasn't surprised, but poor cam was a tad disappointed. the overly optimistic dear, he was actually expecting to sleep next to his wife again.



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