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no artificial colors or sweeteners

i am not going to dye my hair.

now, i'm not saying i'll never get highlights or lowlights or whatever (but i probably won't because the process of maintaining them is just too much for me), but i'm saying that there will be no nice 'n' easy in my future. no grecian formula. if and when i go gray, i will go GRAY. i refuse to be a slave to my roots. (there's something a bit odd about those two words being used in this context, but so be it.)

maybe i'll have sassy streaks. maybe i'd end up with an entirely salty bob. maybe i'll never get much grayer than i am now (which is what, one part per million?). who knows? but after all those years of watching the women in my life fight the signs of aging with smelly bottles and stained gloves, i think i would like to be brave enough to reconcile old me with young me and just move on.



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