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i'm already cringing over my title. i hate puns, but i can't help myself sometimes. the same goes for cliches. hate 'em, but man, they just keep coming out of my mouth.

but anyway.

i have spent the last few weeks re-envisioning the backyard. (i've had time to think because we haven't been able to work back there much because of cam's old war injury.) instead of putting potted plants all over the backyard, i've decided to confine my container garden efforts to the front of the house. paul is less likely to run around the front, so i think my plants would be much safer there.

the place out front is a decent-sized square right above the garage with a railing around it. i was having a devil of a time deciding what to do with it until i realized that instead of looking at it as a small yard, i should think of it as a big balcony! excellent. i bought two wrought iron chairs and a table from target (i don't think the site showed the brand name, but in case you're curious, google "pangaea home & garden." nice stuff), which were, amazingly enough, delivered within three days. the cushions are not safe for outdoor use, so i'll have to figure out what to do next -- buy cheap ones or re-cover the existing cushions. until i find a fabric i like, i think i'll just have to take advantage of the end-of-summer clearance sales for a stopgap measure.

the chairs and table look really cute out there, but i haven't yet had much chance to enjoy them because, well, it's been freaking hot. (do i want to sit in the sun? no. do i want to be branded by my chairs? no.) it should not get to over a hundred degrees right by the harbor. unfair. since when have "ocean breezes" only been a myth?

my next goal is to locate a solar fountain. i want one with the panel inside the bowl, not the kind with a solar panel at the end of a 15' cord. i'd like to keep the tripping potential as low as possible because THIS IS ON A ROOF. the railing is only about waist-high, if that.

i've been agonizing about my choices for what seems like ever now, but it's only been maybe two weeks. my impatience has been astonishing me lately. i told cam that i think it's because i feared losing my diy-momentum while he was semi-laid-up, but i think i'm just going hogwild because i liked my raise.



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