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proper use

i don't really like it when people quote movies or songs or tv. i find it a little silly unless it's an inside/running joke -- then it's a lot silly, which is perfectly acceptable by my standards.

paul has been cutely stealing from the wiggles:

paul: wake up, mommy!
paul: before the day's through!

this is okay because he's two. i expect he will continue to quote until he's about seven and entirely too cool for such nonsense. then i will delight in quoting old songs and old tv shows at him until he rolls his eyes in disgust. yay for goals.

my old assistant would sprinkle his conversation with random quotes from time to time, but let's face it, we're different generations and i often had no idea what he was talking about.

cam doesn't quote things too often, thank goodness, but when he does, it's usually all right. when it's not all right, well, he makes a "hey, look at me, i'm a dork" face and so that smooths things over considerably. but generally i think it's safe to say that cam has good comic instincts. case in point: we were all in the inflatable pool a week or two back when i laughed at cam because his swim trunks have a funny lining -- one trunk leg slid up to reveal a few inches of what looked like mesh biker shorts beneath.

cam: i'm the only gay in the village.

i found that wholly satisfactory.



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