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something to do

months ago we bought a cheap shoe rack from ikea with the intention of painting it silver and pressing it into service in paul's kitchen as an oven rack. time passed... and passed... and passed and i realized that the chances of such a thing happening were pretty much nil. not that it was a bad idea or anything, it was just that the moment had come and gone.

last week i had a revelatory moment one day while removing my dirty shoes in the backyard. why not (get this) use it as a shoe rack? genius, i tell you. so i put it together and set it outside the back door for wet and dirty shoes. i stood there in the burning july heat and admired my creativity.

it didn't take long to realize that as nice and useful that the cheap shoe rack was, it was also blindingly pale, especially when contrasted against our dark reddish deck and dark reddish furniture. i could see it from every point in the backyard.

so i threw it away.

no, i painted it. i used the tinted waterproofing sealant that i used on the swing and the picnic table -- which, on the pine, turned a ruddy orange. now it's conspicuous in a new way, but i think it does a lovely job of pretending to be a more expensive wood. not a bad investment timewise, i must say.



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